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 Now that you have been offered admission and your visa has been approved, the next thing you probably have to do is to prepare to travel to the country of your university. To begin your preparation you need to purchase your Air Ticket from an Airline company that flies to your destination. It is advisable to purchase your Air Ticket earlier ahead of the date that you wish to travel since it is cheaper to do so. You could purchase a 'Return Ticket' or a 'One-way Ticket', although a return ticket is advisable and it is also cheaper. Here are some of the airlines you could board to your destination. They include Turkish Airlines, Emirate Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Air France and Qatar Airways.

After you have purchased your Air Ticket, you will need to scan and send us a copy of it one week prior to your arrival. This is to get us and your university informed about the date of your arrival so as to make arrangement for your airport pick-up. Our Representative in the country of your university would be at the Airport to pick you up once you arrive and take you to the accommodation provided for you.
WARNING:  We warn our students to be wary of criminals who come to the airports posing to be representatives of agency company. A lot of students have lost huge sum amount of money and other valuables to these criminals. We therefore advise all our students to be careful and be at alert when they arrive at the Airport.
To avoid this, we always send the name of our representative who would receive you at the Airport a day or two days before your departure. Also, to confirm at the Airport that he or she is from Higherway Educational Consultant, always ask him or her to show to you the copy of the ticket you scanned and sent to us before your departure. This is how you can confirm the Representative who is sent from Higherway Educational consultant.

HIGHERWAY EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT wishes all our students a safe trip to their various study destinations!