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To apply to the University of your Choice through Higherway Educational Consultant, applicants need to follow the procedure below.

Applicant should:
  • Authenticate his/her academic credentials/results (e.g A’level/O‘level, SSCE/GCE, WAEC/NECO, or Bachelor/Master degree) at the Ministry of Education of his or her country.
  • Authenticate his/her international passport at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his or her country.
  • Make affidavit attested by a Notary stating that he/she is a citizen of the country wishing to study abroad. Affidavit should include the following information: Full name, Sex, date of birth, Nationality, Place of Birth, Passport number, Names of Parents and the name of the country he or she wishes to study in. (In the case where a university has its own already prepared format of the affidavit, we shall forward it to the applicant for attestation).
  • Undergo medical tests and obtain a medical certificate from a registered and notable hospital in his or her country.
After applicant has completed the procedures in step 1 above, applicant should then:
  • Send (i) the scanned copy of the authenticated academic credentials/results (ii) scanned copy of         authenticated data page of the international passport (iii) scanned copy of the attested affidavit (iv) scanned copy of the health certificate (v) scanned copy of secondary school Testimonial.
  • Fill and send scanned copy of the university application form (Applicant would receive the university application form from us).
  • Send scanned copy of birth certificate or document showing declaration of age.
  • Send a scanned passport photograph (size:3x4).
  • Pay the application fee and send the scanned copy of the “Bank Teller”.
  1. After we have received all the documents required in step 2, our Representatives in the applicant’s choice of country would add all other necessary supporting documents required and take them for legalization and authentication in the respective ministries and institutions.
  2. Applicant would receive an ‘Offer Letter’ from the university through us within 5 working days.
  3. Applicant then transfers a part or full tuition fee directly into the University’s account. (This is necessary to obtain a supporting document from the university for visa application).
  4. After the University has confirmed the transfer, applicant would receive the ‘Acceptance Letter’ through us from the country’s Ministry of Education within 10 working days.
  5. Applicant also receives other documents necessary for ‘Visa application’ from the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Boarder Police.
After the applicant has received all the necessary documents, our Representative then guides, counsels and prepares the applicant for a visa interview in the respective country’s embassy or consulate where visa interview for the student is mandatory, and this is usually a 100% success for all our students. Also, in many of the countries where we have our partnering universities located, our students usually do not undergo the usual routine of visa interview, we are given the rights to represent our students. This is the reason why we have the full confidence to give a 100% guarantee for visa success to students who wish to undertake their visa application through us.

Therefore once an applicant has met and fulfilled all the requirements mentioned in step 3, visa is 100% guaranteed, there's therefore no need for an applicant to worry because we've NEVER recorded any failure in visa issuance after meeting all the requirements.   

IMPORTANT: In an unusual situation where a student is denied visa (this is an UNLIKELY SCENARIO with our students) the University refunds the tuition fee but with a charge of 10% of the total tuition fee as bank transfer charge.